1. She worked with Walt Disney Entertainment for 6 years. Her favorite part was driving a golf cart around the property during the marathon.
  2. Met her favorite comic book author at a signing and he stopped everything to thank her for making a BuzzFeed quiz about one of his books. (He even mentioned her by name in an issue).
  3. Once styled a private yacht in Cannes with zero direction and limited knowledge of the French language to direct the crew (it looked great, btw)
  4. Has strong feelings about every Doctor Who companion since the 2000 reboot.
  5. Has a collection of wigs that would make Moira Rose jealous.
  6. Had two dogs she got on a whim while waiting for her prescription to be filled at the nearby pharmacy.
  7. Didn’t think she’d be able to score tickets to Hamilton and ended up sitting 3rd row center in her pajamas when she did.
  8. Has gotten lost on the side of a mountain in Scotland and lived to tell the tale.
  9. Once drove a 30ft RV across the country for a publishing company.
  10. Is from Chicago and will defend deep dish pizza to the death.

BONUS: Has no coding background, but built this entire website basically from scratch.

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