I absolutely love the internet. Storytelling is the best art form ever created IMHO, and the world wide web has created so many engaging platforms to amplify it.

I use Instagram as a guidebook. With Geek Girl Boss, it is a peek into the bigger topics discussed on the website. On personal my page, it is like a magazine featuring travel, food, and personal experiences. And dogs. Lots of dogs.

If Instagram is the book, Snapchat is the show. I’ve been fortunate to attend some pretty unique events and travel to some crazy places. My inner Samantha Brown would be remiss not to document it.

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And Twitter, is my home base. Whether leading #askafemsplainer chats, Doctor Who live tweets, or just sharing stories with my internet friends, engaging on this platform is second nature.

I was an Editorial Fellow with Buzzfeed focusing on lifestyle content. I created quizzes, listicles, research pieces, in-depth fitness and fashion shoots, and have had several posts translated into multiple languages due to their high performance.

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I’ve written step-by-step how-to articles, interviewed design professionals, created recipes, reviewed books/comics, created sponsored posts, event recaps, product descriptions, and long-form travel essays for personal and professional websites.